OV-10 Bronco

Designed by North American, the OV-10 Bronco is a rugged, maneuverable, twin-turboprop, multi-purpose, multi-mission, light attack aircraft used by all three branches of the U.S. military as well as Germany, Thailand, Venezuela and Indonesia. The OV-10 was originally developed in cooperation with the U.S. Marine Corps through the Light Armed Reconnaissance Aircraft (LARA) program and produced as a forward air control aircraft, performing observations, helicopter escorts, reconnaissance, gunfire spotting, personnel transport and ground attack. Faster and more tactically versatile than helicopters, yet slower and more maneuverable than jets, the OV-10 utilized tactics not possible with either.
For operation in remote areas, the Bronco had a specially designed rough field landing gear, required no ground equipment for starting and could be maintained with simple hand tools. In the event of an emergency, the Bronco could use high-octane or automotive fuel in place of jet fuel with only a slight degradation of power.
      PRIMARY FUNCTION:   Multi-purpose Light Attack Aircraft
      CONTRACTOR:   Boeing
      POWER PLANT:   Two Garrett-AiResearch Turboprop Engines, 715 shaft hp each
      WINGSPAN:   40 feet (12.2 meters)
      LENGTH:   41 feet 7 inches (12.7 meters)
      HEIGHT:   15 feet 1 inch (4.6 meters)
      WEIGHT:   approximately 7,190 pounds (3,261 kilograms)
      MAXIMUM TAKEOFF WEIGHT:   14,444 pounds (6,552 kilograms)
      FUEL CAPACITY:   252 gallon (954 liters)
      SPEED:   244 knots (452 kilometers/hour)
      RANGE:   700 nautical miles (1,297 kilometers)
      CEILING:   28,800 feet (8,778 meters)
      CREW:   Two (pilot, observer)
Maney Aircraft, Inc. provides modifications, avionics upgrades, electrical wiring replacement, spare parts, component overhaul, training, and technical assistance for the OV-10 Bronco. We also currently offer a Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) for the OV-10 aircraft using data developed by Rockwell’s North American Division for the U.S.M.C. OV-10 fleet. Maney Aircraft, Inc. will provide full support as long as required.