T-2 Buckeye

The T-2 Buckeye was produced by North American Aviation as a jet trainer aircraft for the U.S. Navy. The trainer established an outstanding record of safety and reliability and provided a wide variety of training for more than 11,000 students, including high-altitude, high-speed formation and aerobatic flights, basic and radio instruments, night and day navigation and gunnery, bombing and carrier operations. The Buckeye was the primary jet trainer for the U.S. Navy until it was replaced by the T-45 Goshawk in 2008. Two other countries currently operate the T-2, the Hellenic Air Force in Greece with approximately 35 T-2E models and the Venezuelan Air Force with several T-2D models. Both use the aircraft for training and light attack.

      PRIMARY FUNCTION: Trainer and light attack
      CONTRACTOR: North American Aviation
      POWER PLANT: Two General Electric J85-GE-4 turbojet engines
      THRUST: 3,000 pounds, per engine
      WINGSPAN: 38.13 feet (11.6 meters)
      LENGTH: 38.70 feet (11.8 meters)
      HEIGHT: 14.80 feet (4.5 meters)
      WEIGHT: 8,000 pounds (3,681 kilograms)
      MAXIMUM TAKEOFF WEIGHT: 13,000 pounds (5,978 kilograms)
      FUEL CAPACITY: 691 gallons
      SPEED: 521 mph
      RANGE: 930 miles
      CEILING: 45,000 feet
      CREW: Two (Instructor pilot, Student pilot)
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